Venetian Systems

Venetian systems vary depending on thickness of blades and place of application. Venetian blinds also improve household energy efficiency and offer protection from harmful UV rays.

Venetians slats are available in Aluminum, Timberline, Cedarline and Fibrewood. Timbers can be coated, uncoated, UV resistant and/or painted. We also offer a range of special finishes.

Aluminium slats are available in a wide variety of durable finishes including the standard solid blades as well as 6% and 8% Perforated. Slats are designed to compact neatly, reducing stacking-bulk when not in use and are made from 95% recycled materials. Our slats are uniquely made to a thickness of 0.215mm, in comparison to others in the market at only 0.14 to 0.195mm. This means a better 'bounce' back of the blade on twisting and reducing of accidental damage.

The Easytilt mechanism makes blind adjusting easy. It only takes two and a half turns of the wand and the blind can go from fully opened to fully closed. The Easytilt built-in clutch also prevents tilter breakages that may occur when standard wands are forcefully over rotated.

With the Monocommand Venetian system, a single chain controls all of the blind’s functions: opening, closing, raising and lowering. This system suits large and small window spaces, and complements architectural styles in both residential and commercial settings.

We offer Double Glazed Venetian blinds which have been specifically designed to fit snugly between panes of a double glazed window. Tilt is adjusted by a control knob mounted on the frame of the internal glass pane. Available in both 16mm and 25mm wide slats.

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