Roller Blinds

Roller System

Roller Blinds are simple, stylish, adaptable window furnishings. Available in motorised, remote-control, and chain activated systems, with chain options available in both poly-resin and stainless steel finishes.

A huge range of fabrics offering a variety of options that are PVC free as well as specific fabrics to meet the needs of bacteria, fade and mould resistance. Easy to clean, non-flammable and distortion free; engineered for simplicity and durability, the maintenance-free systems feature a five-year guarantee.

Roller systems can be custom built to fit almost any application. The size and placement of the blind will designate the most appropriate system application.

Easydrive Roller System

Easydrive roller system is specifically designed to suit large span windows, durable, elegant and easy to operate.

Easydrive roller system enables easy lowering or lifting of large blinds with half the exertion of comparable blinds fitted with a traditional friction brake system. The system ensures the blind holds it’s desired position exactly, is simple to install and longwearing, with virtually no maintenance.

Easydrive Roller System with Spring Assist

By adding a spring assist boost it means only minimal effort is required to lift or lower very large or heavy blinds. As the best system in its class, blinds weighing up 12.5 kgs or up to 15.3 m2 can be operated effortlessly and smoothly.

Spring assist can also be used in circumstances where the operator is frail or aged.

Multilink Roller System

Multilink roller system allows several blinds to be lined up in a row then adjusted through a single control.
This system provides an elegant solution to spanning multiple windows or very wide windows which exceed normal fabric widths

Motorised Roller System

A Motorised Roller system lets you raise and lower blinds at the push of a button. Built from high quality market leading motors together with modern wireless technology, high in durability and quality.

Motorised Multilink Roller System

With a motorised Multilink roller system, two or three blinds up to approximately 8000 mm wide and with a drop of 5000 mm can be lifted or lowered in unison, and all at the touch of a button.
The motorised Multilink roller system also enables fabric limitations to be accommodated.



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