Single and Double Fascia Kassett Roller Blinds

The Fascia Kassett is especially effective in locations where a uniform finish is demanded.
The system can be fitted to any single roller blind or double roller blind.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium. A wide range of powder coated colours is available.

Fully Enclosed Kassett

The Fully Enclosed Kassett system takes the Fascia Kassett system to the ultimate level by providing a fully enclosed headbox and full length side rails, which will totally block out any side light leakage ensuring maximum insulation from the elements. These features also make this the most environmentally friendly choice on the market for anyone wanting to control air conditioning and heating within the interior environment.

Perfect for a home theatre or to provide coverage of meeting/presentation room windows, where light blackout must be total.

The headbox and side guides are manufactured from extruded aluminium with a wide range of powder coated colours.

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