Retractable Sunroof Systems

Modern Australasian architecture offers a multitude of glass features such as large windows, glass roofs, skylights and verandas.

But it goes without saying that, too much sunlight can inhibit the full use of these well designed areas. Our Retractable Sunroof Systems are the dynamic sun protection systems that allows sunlight and natural light through to your living and working environment whilst keeping out the blinding glare and hothouse effect.

Available for flat glass roofs and sloping glass areas, providing more flexibility and freedom to enjoy these spaces, ensuring that both the exterior appearance of the building and the view from within are not compromised.


  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • Maximum projection 6m
  • Maximum width : 6m (single units)
  • Exceptional sun protection technology
  • High grade aluminium and stainless steel components
  • Top or reveal mounting
  • Sun and wind sensor option available.


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